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jenniffer lewis, Ph.D.

How can I help?

Welcome!   If you are here, maybe you are ready to start your therapeutic journey, or pick up where you left off from previous treatment. 

Being a psychologist allows me the privilege to participate in and witness the inspiring process of my clients as they journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

Therapy is not just for those individuals in deep despair or experiencing serious mental illness.  If you are human, have a family of origin, and life experience up until this point, you qualify!  Our unique pasts come with opportunities for growth through hard work, self confrontation, and the courage to face whatever pain follows you into the office.  Rather than avoiding pain, facing it can be a path to reaching your full potential.


5850 Canoga Avenue.  4th Floor (suite 400)

Woodland Hills, CA  91367

818-486-6750 or  email:

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